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"A View From The Road"


Price Versus Value

Through some amusing, frustrating and curious recent events, I have become compelled to revisit the phrase Price Versus Value.  I am in a business where experience is critical to timely and effective resolutions to projects and problems that are electrical.  The challenge for some of us is to get the customers to appreciate the value they receive.  That is not said to dismiss price, because you eventually have to pay for everything, but realize that price is not always what is appears.


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Volume 4 - A View From The Road  May 2018


Job Title: Electrical Psychologist

The routine of my life includes traveling often, mostly by car but every month or two months by plane.  Recently on a trip to Florida, I left from Newark, connected in Charlotte in my way to Melbourne, FL.  For me, connecting in Charlotte is a small inconvenience, but allows me to have several mental breaks over the course of 6 hours.  My time on the plane and at the gate during my connection is my time, an opportunity to think about everything, or nothing.  I am not one to talk to my fellow passengers and it is not uncommon for me to make the entire trip without talking with anyone.

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Volume 5 - A View From The Road  June 2018

LEGACY "View From The Road"

When the internet started to get traction in the 1990s, after Al Gore invented it, it seemed like having a website would be a good idea.  I had no knowledge of how to make a site, also very limited graphical expertise.  I am 99% right brain and barely 1% left brain.

I started to cobble together pictures and generate articles relating to electrical maintenance.  For the fun of it and mostly because you never knew if anyone was looking, I decided to create a "blog". The information provided was created in 1998 and "blogging" wasn't a word yet. Technically the word "weblog"started in 1997, with blog being the derivative.  And for the final history lesson, the website Blogger started in 1999.  Keep in mind that while I am not exactly a trailblazer I have been lucky enough to be on the front end of many trends.

My blog, "A View From The Road" wasn't really a blog, but random webpages with my commentary on a variety of things and observations from my travels, semantics I suppose.  Hoping to amuse a few of my friends and myself, I started generating "content", which was a word in 1998, but not with the same meaning as today

Recently, while deleting old information I was waxing poetic about the website and found the old pages and files.  Here are the first three "Views" I created.  The information will make no sense to some, but I was fascinated by some things I said and how 20 years later, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If you have a lot to say but no one listens, have you really said anything?

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