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Powertronic, Inc., based in New Jersey, is a provider of Power and Energy Management Services, Electrical Field Services and Industrial Control Panels to customers throughout the United States with our base of operation in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan area.


Power and Energy Management Services include electrical sub billing, power metering system layout, installation and configuration, Energy Surveys and Audits, Power Quality Surveys and Troubleshooting.


Electrical Field Services include Power Quality Monitoring, Infrared Thermographic Surveys, Energy Surveys, Electrical Preventative Maintenance, Electrical Testing and Variable Frequency Drive services. We focus on the preventative maintenance, testing and repair of electrical distribution equipment and Power Quality services. Powertronic has the experience and test equipment necessary to maintain electrical equipment up to 38 kV class. Also, we provide various Power Quality Services including, Harmonic Analysis, Energy Surveys, and Installation of Power Monitoring equipment.


Powertronic, Inc. provides Industrial Control Panels to commercial and industrial businesses across the United States in facilities like malls, pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, consumer products manufacturing, data centers, airports and high tech office facilities. Powertronic, Inc. provides industrial control panels directly to several manufacturers of power metering and electrical distribution products.


We pride ourselves on exhibiting a professional image to our customers in our actions and performance. Our experience in all facets of electrical testing and maintenance has given us exposure to countless industrial and commercial environments. We subcontract our services to electrical manufacturers including Square D Company, Eaton Electrical and Siemens Westinghouse.

We perform our maintenance and testing work in accordance with NETA, NFPA, and manufacturers recommended procedures. We can adapt to a customer’s specification and are comfortable utilizing the mentioned organizations as our basis for testing and maintenance. The lead technician for our projects is currently certified by The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) in electrical power distribution system testing. Our lead technician is also a Certified Power Quality professional as recognized by the Association of Energy Engineers.

Powertronic looks forward to working with you in the future and should you require a quotation for services or have any questions don’t hesitate to call me at 732-643-1500

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