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I recently came across old website postings from 1998, the first year we had our website.  Here is some of my "legacy work"


"A View From The Road"

Volume 1

March 1998


A field technician has many opportunities to view interesting aspects of life and lifeforms.  Traveling around in your service vehicle, whether it is a van, car or '69 Nova (inside joke for a few Army and TSD guys) gives you plenty of time to think, maybe too much time.  While some of the following observations and comments are regionally based, we are in the greater New York City area, with a few location changes probably relate well to just about any area of the country.


If we can't have fun doing this job......we should do something else...right C.H.?


......Recently in New Jersey the legislature was discussing the possibility of increasing the speed limit to 65 on several of the major highways throughout the state.   Over the past few years if you were going 65 to 70 mph cruising down the turnpike and parkway you would be in the general flow of traffic, breaking the law yes but lets see the cops stop the entire highway..........ooops, if any cops are reading this I was just kidding.  Within the last few months, since the new speed limit was announced, it's not law yet, the flow of traffic is now 70-85 mph.  If you are going below 70 in New Jersey you are now relegated to the far right lane or else be the victim of road rage.  Let me tell you it gets real interesting drinking coffee, eating a donut and changing the radio at 75 mph.  Good thing I have two hands and two knees.   Pretty soon highway crashes will be like the "agony of defeat" portion of a NASCAR promo.


......If any of you work for a company that gives you a van without a radio, you should seek employment elsewhere.  What are these people thinking! You drive several hours a day in the van helping them make money so the office has plenty of coffee and the air conditioning is functional.  They think, what do you need AC and a radio for, "it's a work van".  A radio is necessary so you can fulfill your appetite for "far right wing conspiracies" and so you can find out how to make money in your spare time selling phone cards.  The theory that you will listen to training tapes does not carry much weight.


......Well, February 28 the retail side of Egghead closed forever......for all you other computer geeks like me you could count on Egghead for having plenty of toys and software to puruse.  They are still open on the web at  BTW, whose stupid idea was the CUE card, I am sick of these things, why can't a retailer just give you a good price, why do you always need to join a club or get a card?


......WHEW!  Did you hear, the asteroid is going to miss us in 2028.   I was thinking about getting my old Atari out to prepare.

This page will be updated on the general whim of the author.......look for future updates and as always, your opinions are welcome and appreciated. The general feeling here is we all need to lighten up a little. 



*The comments expressed here are the opinions of the author and not necessarily that of Powertronic, Inc., it owners, employees, vendors or customers.  These comments are provided for entertainment purposes only unless I am referring to an ex-employer, then it is based entirely in fact..

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